BloomPack and Valmet Forge Strategic Partnership

BloomPack and Valmet Forge Strategic Partnership

BloomPack and Valmet Forge Strategic Partnership 1000 667 BloomPack BloomPack //

[Cairo, Egypt, 23rd April, 2024] – BloomPack, a leading entity in Egypt’s paper and carton industry, and Valmet, a distinguished Finnish company specializing in process technologies, automation, and services, have joined forces to pioneer advancements in paper production through innovation.

BloomPack’s ambitious pursuit of improved quality, reduced costs, and responsible fiber use led to the development of innovative coated white top liner grades, exceeding initial expectations. This achievement was made possible through the collaborative efforts of BloomPack, Valmet, and pigment supplier Omya, who joined forces to drive innovation in paper production.

“We are about to do something nobody else had done before in our region. We knew that Valmet wanted to make this project fly,” says Abdallah Remaih BloomPack CEO, highlighting the pioneering nature of their collaboration with Valmet.

Trust and partnership have been the driving forces behind this project’s success. The development partnership between BloomPack and Valmet was further strengthened with the addition of pigment supplier Omya. Together, the three partners worked as a cohesive team, leveraging their expertise and resources to achieve their shared goals.

“The cycle of trial and improvement was essential to our success. We worked as a group, as a team, to refine our processes and achieve our objectives,” explains Dr. Usama Nemr BloomPack Co-Founder. “The pilot facilities at Valmet Paper Technology Center played a crucial role in testing and refining our products at each step of the path.”

“We are excited to partner with BloomPack to drive innovation in the paper industry,” says Marko Oinonen, Sales Director at Valmet. “By combining our strengths and capabilities, we aim to create sustainable solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market and contribute to a more environmentally friendly future.”

The partnership between BloomPack and Valmet underscores the importance of collaboration in driving innovation and addressing industry challenges. Together, they are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in paper production and shaping the future of the industry. The development of BloomPack’s new offline coating machine by Valmet, as a result of this collaboration, promises to deliver coated white top liner grades with superior properties, including better brightness and uniformity, surpassing industry standards.