7 Shipping Package Boxes

7 Shipping Package Boxes

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Whether you’re looking to ship something smaller than your hand or so big it needs to be moved in a truck, picking the right box is important. With various shapes, sizes and strengths, it can be challenging to know where to begin. This guide will help you choose the right shipping box to fit your business needs.

As a result of the different types and sizes of the products, the box design is customized.

The boxes come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. The following are some of the boxes types used for shipping packages.

1. Folding Boxes

Folding cartons are made out of paperboard. The paperboard is printed before it is laminated, cut, folded, and then glued. Folding boxes range from high-end cosmetic packaging boxes to colorful cereal boxes. Visually, folding boxes are single-layers often feeling like some thick cardstock. Since folding cartons are printed in full color, it helps with branding and promotions of retail businesses or brands.

2. Rigid Boxes

Rigid (set-up) boxes are made of thick 36 to 120 pt. board overlaid with a printed paper wrap. These boxes generally do not fold flat. They’re available in a variety of striking structural formats, and the graphics for the paper overwrap (exotic foil or texturized paper, paper-backed fabric, or printed plain white paper) are nearly endless.

Unlike folding cartons, which are shipped flat and therefore require assembly before being filled with product, rigid boxes usually remain erect and therefore have lower assembly costs.

3. Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated box sheets are made of three different layers of paperboard: an inside liner, an outside liner, and a type of fluted corrugated sheet in between. This design creates a strong and stable material that can withstand an impressive amount of force relative to its weight.

Corrugated boxes are the most suited for packing a wide variety of products regardless of their size and shape. They are versatile enough to transport and cushion perishable and fragile products. Corrugated boxes are made of Kraft paper and can be re-used, re-pulped, and remade into recyclable attributes which contribute to environmental protection.

4. Full Overlap Boxes

The Full Overlap (FOL) box is a heavy-duty box for heavy-duty purposes. The flaps on this style extend all the way to the opposite side of the box when folded, completely overlapping each other. This adds stacking and structural strength to the box, making it ideal for storing or shipping heavy items. FOLs are durable and damage-resistant during the fulfillment and shipping process.

5. Telescope Boxes

A two-piece box in which the sides of one part fit over those of the other. Allows for easy packaging because the top is completely removable. This is often used for long, flat products or bulky items. You might also see this box if you get a dozen donuts from your local grocer.

6. Shoulder Boxes

Shoulder boxes are one of the most popular and multipurpose boxes. These boxes can be used for storing, presenting, packaging and sending all sorts of items. The style of these boxes makes them favorable to use for commercial and personal purposes.

7. Mailer Boxes

A mailer box is a paperboard packaging designed to store and send your products. Thanks to interlocking flaps and wings, it is easy to assemble and requires no adhesive tape to be assembled and closed. Its double side walls make it durable and more resistant to transport than other types of paperboard packaging.

Mailer boxes are used for safe transport of your products and goods so that you do not have to worry about any damage to your products in the middle of the journey. Custom mailer boxes are made with a material that suits your need. Mailer boxes are robust in design and sturdy to protect objects from any damage.