Folding Carton vs Corrugated Box

Folding Carton vs Corrugated Box

Folding Carton vs Corrugated Box 1000 1000 BloomPack BloomPack //

Carton Packaging (folding and corrugated)

Most industrial products always need packaging solutions in their final step. In other words, we need the final look to present the product and provide its protection.

The carton package provides the highest durability and many other options depending upon the customer needs. Everything from tea to pharmaceutical products comes in carton packaging.

Let’s take a closer look to know more about carton industry and packaging.

What is cardboard?

Most popular boxes are used in packaging and retail. Cartons comes in 2 types. a single sheet or multilayer cardboard paper with embedded corrugated paper layers that gives the carton shape and consistency.

We have two types of the cartons, the folding carton, and the corrugated boxes.

Folding Carton

It made from paper board, beginning in the 19th century. It is mainly a single layer have some thickness to appear more rigidity. In folding carton, the paperboard is prepared for the printing process before the ordinary process from cutting, folding, then glued and the lamination. Folding boxes have many varieties which start from the multicolor cereal boxes to the fancy cosmetic packages, also it participates in the branding of the retail businesses because it has the printing colors and the brand logo, and other finishing technologies that show off the package.

It is lighter and thinner, have shinny touch and very elegant. The importance on the recent world, the unboxing videos have highly spread booming through the bloggers and youtubers on every occasion. So, the box style is important and became a focus point to Stars and influencers. The folding carton combine the smart design and the printing availability with full colors. But it has limit to certain shape, weight, size of product you are packing.

Corrugated box

It contains two outer linerboard sheets and folded sheet between them. Those sheets seem like a sandwich. The folded sheets offer more strength to the box according to the number and the quality of the board.

Corrugated boxes can also enter in the printing process like the folding ones and the extract would be in full color. So it can be used in retail and the packaging of the other products. It has many benefits than the folding box. You can use it many times with different usage, also has more thickness to support the goods inside. It has traditional types which needs to glue or sticks material to close the outer parts from the box and the recent one which has supportive locks to open automatically.